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Scholarship Application

All applications must be accompanied  by two letters of recommendation emailed directly from the recommender to the President Elect, and a personal essay outlining the applicant's qualifications. 

Supporting documentation should be sent to 

President Elect:

  Adam Malecha



Minnesota Society for Histotechnology Scholarship Criteria

Applicants must be: 
√ MSH member in good standing for the previous year
√ Certified or eligible 
√ Currently working in the field of histology. 

Note: The requirements above do to apply for the Histology Student Travel Scholarship

Board members are not eligible for scholarships.

All money will be reimbursed upon receiving receipts and a brief follow-up summary (1 page or less) within 60 days of the event or course completion. This summary may be posted to the website.

Tri-State Scholarship Award: $200 to attend any histology meeting Purpose: To get inactive members more active in the field of histology Additional Requirements: Have not attended a Tri-State meeting for at least five years. Students are not eligible for this scholarship.

Histology Student Travel Scholarship Award: $100 for travel expenses to attend the Tri-State meeting Purpose: To support histology students from Minnesota wishing to attend the Tri- state meeting. Additional Requirements: Must include a statement signed by the program director confirming the student is passing all coursework. Membership in MSH is not required, nor is certification or present employment.

Continuing Education Scholarship Award: $200 reimbursement for a college course or to attend any histology meeting Purpose: To reward and support the pursuit of continued education for personal growth and development, as well as certification maintenance. Additional Requirements: Worked in histology field for a minimum of two years.

Total Scholarships = $500 annually

Please email mshonline@netzero.net with any questions.

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