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News from our Region Five Director Judi Stasko

March 2014: Region V and NSH News

Judi Stasko, Region V Director

Spring is around the corner or so they say!  Let me update you on some of the NSH news items. 

1.     Follow-up from the 2013 Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting in Providence.

a.     Registration for the NSH annual Symposium/Convention (S/C) will increase to $65.00 for members and $165 for non-members and take effect in 2014.  Rationale: S/C fees had not increased since 2001, while cost and expenses have risen.

b.     Membership dues will not increase in 2014.

c.     The change in S/C handouts (downloading in advance "paperless" vs. printed on site) was discussed.  Continuing with paperless will see approximately $40,000 cost savings for the annual S/C and hopefully the 2014 S/C will see a smoother transition with both presenters and attendees.

d.     Election of the Speaker of the House: I withdrew both agenda items from the House of Delegates (HOD) agenda after speaking with the By-Laws Chair, current Speaker of the House and Parliamentarian.  It was determined that this issue was better addressed in Policy and Procedures vs. By-Laws.   The BOD approved that the nomination and election of the Speaker of the House will remain in the HOD but pre-nomination candidate information can be sent out with the HOD agenda 30 days prior to the HOD.  I have submitted an article to NSH In Action outlining this change and will compile a follow-up article with additional information.

2.     Jean Mitchell, Region IV Director, continued as the NSH representative on the ASCP Board of Certification committee (along with input from Lena Spencer) to investigate the possibility of developing a certification for clinical laboratory assistants/CLA (updated to Medical Laboratory Assistant/MLA to be consistent with MLT and MLS credentials). A survey had been distributed in late 2013; responses collected and results were reviewed/analyzed at a November on-site meeting in Chicago.   The final recommendation to approve Medical Laboratory Assistant certification will be sent to the ASCP Board of Governors in March.

3.     The spring symposiums are under way.  The Tri-State meeting with Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin is slated for April 30-May 2 at the Double Tree in Rochester, MN.  The Missouri chapter has partnered up with NSH and will be having their symposium May 9-10 at the Chateau on the Lake in Branson, MO.   

4.     NSH is continuing their "Partnership for State Meetings".  This partnership was established to assist state histology societies that may be floundering and need assistance in organizing their local state symposiums.  The Carolina Symposium will continue for a 2nd year along with Missouri this year and a Washington partnership is in the works.

5.     NSH Board of Directors (BOD) will be holding a Strategic Planning Meeting that will be held in conjunction with the 2014 NSH Summer Symposium in Baltimore in June.  BOD teleconferences will still be scheduled as needed throughout the year.  

a.     Please see the submission below for the NSH Strategic Mission, Vision, Values and Goals. 

b.     This is an extensive undertaking and this new NSH Strategic plan will allow future and continued success for NSH while at the same time allowing a stronger and more effective organization. 

6.     2014 is an NSH Officers and Board of Directors election year.  Electronic voting will take place the month of April with electronic ballots and instructions being sent out to NSH members the beginning of April.  I strongly urge all Region V NSH members to review all the candidate information, take the short time to log on and vote.


  • Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss anything, need more information or have comments at judith.stasko@ars.usda.gov

NSH Strategic Plan and the Future of NSH

NSH Mission:

To empower the profession of histotechnology through collaboration, education and innovation. 

NSH Vision:

NSH shapes the future of histotechnology through a global community of laboratory professionals committed to continuous learning and high standards of practice. 


Professionalism, responsibility, respect, integrity, accountability, communication and service will direct our relationship with members and related professionals. 

Goals, Objectives and Initiatives 

I.      Defining and Developing a Powerful Profession

  • NSH develops and supports a diverse, evolving, highly qualified and empowered profession.

II.    Expanding Knowledge, Education and Resources

  • NSH is the recognized leader and trusted source of knowledge, education and training for histotechnology professionals in diverse fields and at every career stage.

III.  Advocating for Professional and Public Recognition

NSH educates the public, government and allied sciences in the role and responsibilities histotechnology professionals have.

IV.  Diversifying and Expanding Membership

  • NSH retains current members and identifies, recruits potential members who practice histotechnology in the diverse scientific fields.



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