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Professional photographer, Kasia Vetter, had a booth at the NSH Meeting and took several poses of willing 'guinea pigs'. I selected a few to display on our website - MSH officers and members, Regional Directors, and a Past President of NSH.

You can see more photos on the NSH website or visit the photographers website: www.kvstudios.com

9 photo(s) Updated on: September 29, 2013
  • Judi Stasko, Region V Director
  • http://www.kvstudios.com/
  • Sheri Blair, President
  • Lois Rowe, Vice President
  • Colleen Forster, Past President
  • Jean Mitchell, Region IV Director
  • Jan Parr, CO resident/MSH Member
  • Dawn Schneider, Tri-State Vendor Coordinator
  • Freida Carson, NSH Past President
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