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Elections and Nominations

position descriptions

President: Act as an executive officer of the Society; preside over all Society meetings; be ex-officio member of all committees except the Nomination-Elections committee and the Auditing committee; shall appoint pro-tem committees; shall call special meetings of the Society or the Board when proper notice is given; shall be responsible jointly, and severally, with the treasurer for all Society funds.

Vice President
    Vice President: Shall assist the President and shall preside in absence of the President; shall be an ex-officio and discharge all other responsibilities as required by the president.
 Secretary: Shall be responsible for minutes of all meetings; maintaining the records of the Society in good order; perform and discharge other duties and responsibilities as required by the President.
 Treasurer: Shall be responsible, jointly and severally with the president for all Society's funds; provided further that the funds of the Society shall be deposited in a local bank in the immediate locality of the Treasurer of the Society, and that all expenditures shall be paid by check, requiring two signatures, or debit card; shall keep an orderly record of such receipts and disbursements and shall present a report of such transactions at each Society meeting; shall prepare an annual report to be presented for audit; and shall perform and discharge such other duties and responsibilities as required by the President.
Board member 
1. Shall consist of the four elected Officers and four elected Board Members. Past Presidents may be utilized as consultants to the Board, but shall have no vote if not a member of the Board.
2. The Board shall transact business of the Society during the interval between regular meetings; serve on at least one committee, and approve the work of standing committees.
3. The Board is required to participate at all of the scheduled meetings from April to April. If a Board member is unable to attend the scheduled meeting and notifies the President they may be excused one time only per year. Failure to comply with these requirements will result in review by the Board and possible dismissal. In the event that a position is vacated before the term is up, the Board has the power to appoint a replacement to fill out the remainder of the term. The replacement will be the person who had the next highest number of votes. In the event that there was only one candidate the Board will choose a replacement.

2016 winners
President: Lois Rowe

Vice President: Angella Boetchetter

Secretary: Murad Al-Hunaidi

Treasurer: Sheri Blair

Board Positions:
Michelle Nelsen
Adam Malecha
Amy Seegmiller-Rennner 
Colleen Forster

If you have any questions please send an email to the elections committee Chairperson:


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